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Down and dirty bio

A typical day starts with at least one snooze on an alarm clock that starts at 8:00 a.m. I tend to like getting up in the morning because I tend to like my life. One item I could not live without is my shower radio, which I tune to my favorite radio show, The Coffee House on WERS. I have a girly shower, with about 10 bottles of stuff in it that smell good. They are the product of a fight between my inner yuppie and hippie -- verdict was that I can keep them as long as I recycle the bottles (I'm good at compromise).

I used to commute to an interesting job in a soulless office park, where I was surrounded by beige walls, gray cubes, and dippy landscaping. But in the last few years I have enjoyed riding the subway two stops to a university, where I am the communications manager at a small research institute that studies topics related to education. Working in communications means that I get to do creative things that keep both sides of my brain happy.

After work I do one of many things: meet friends for dinner, go running, practice my guitar, see live music, volunteer at Club Passim, work on photography, make dinner, write l'il essays, read, or watch a DVD. I consider myself lucky to have amazing friends and family who are, without question, the most important part of my life.

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