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Sorry. I guess I didn't see miracle worker in my job description.

“Consider this a learning opportunity.”
Your boss says this right after he tells you the decision has been made to switch to a new operating system. You need to get up to speed on how to complete the migration with minimal impact to the production environment, update documentation, and then become the resident expert on how to support the new OS.

Oh yeah...it has to be done yesterday.

Typically, this is when the panic sets in. With barely any f ree cycles already, you envision a string of very late and stressful nights. You feel outside your comfort zone and are completely overwhelmed. The more you learn, the more questions you have, but you do the best you can to struggle through.

At the end of your project, you’ve managed to implement the new OS with minimal time and training—and now you want to make sure that the
new configuration works the way you need it to. It would also be nice to learn a few things re l e vant to your environment that would make
supporting it all the easier.

Behold the Power of Miracles
Our OS Assessment Service is designed to take the pressure off…and make you a hero. The goal is to help you feel confident that your OS is solid, easy to maintain, and ready to scale to the future. That’s why we designed our OS Assessment to be a quick, down-and-dirty review of your implementation. We’ll dig into your OS infrastructure, analyze what’s working, where you might run into problems down the line, and make some suggestions that will streamline the OS features to support
the specific activities of your business. It’s divided into four phases:

  1. Get everyone on the same page.
    The goal of this phase is to bring everyone to agreement on the over all project approach. We’ll define the project timeline, deliver ables,
    tasks, and participants. We’ll also identify the key subject matter experts in your organization and schedule the interviews we will conduct in the next phase.

  2. Get down and dirty.
    This phase breaks down into two parts. First, we’ll set up one-on-one interviews with your subject matter experts to understand the business demands on your environment: workflows, processes, applications and
    requirem ents. We’ll also identify your system tactics, strategies and implementations. Then we’ll dive head-first into your system. During this discove ry period, we’ll perform a physical review of your OS implementation and configuration as it currently stands.
    The key deliverable of this phase is a consolidated document that includes the interview and system discovery findings, as well as your existing documentation.

  3. Get analytical.
    Our OS experts will review the findings document. They’ll look for gaps between the business and application requirements of your system, and your current implementation. They’ll draw on their years of experience and knowledge to make recommendations that will optimize your configuration and minimize those gaps. The formal deliverable from this phase of the project is the Best Practices Recommendation Document, which we will formally present to you in Phase 4.

  4. Get wicked smart.
    During the final phase of your OS Assessment, we’ll present the findings in the Best Practices Recommendations Document. After the presentation, you’ll be able to follow up on any questions that arise from the Recommendation Document.

Get real.
This isn’t a phase; it’s reality. Implementing a new OS would be a daunting task, even if you had all the time you needed and more people on your team. There’s no reason to go it alone. Give us a call to learn
more today.

Availant. Taking the pressure off miracle workers everywhere.

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  • Business Continuity Planning and Implementation

Contact us for more information about Availant’s Operating System Assessment services.

Availant Inc.
200 5th Avenue,
Waltham, MA 02451

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